I am so proud of my 3 sons, and especially Will’s PB for the Ross Marathon 2016

I am going outside my blog format for just a second … A photo of Will running in the Ross Marathon with a PB for the run … I am most proud and impressed by his ability … forgive me Will for putting this photo up xx

Now back onto Big Things … A Big White Pointer Shark at Streaky Bay, in a room behind a service station. I pose the question again … If it is an exact replica of a thing, is it a genuine Big Thing?

Next was a Big Dinosaur Ant at Poochera … Lived many millions of years ago … Wouldn’t want to meet this beast at night!

Wudinna boasts the Big Australian Farmer … A monolithic granite sculpture that doesn’t actually look anything like a farmer … You be the judge! It does have a couple of sheep at the base … Does that count?

I found this tiny wood sculpture just around the corner … Looks more like a farmer to me!

There is a Big Submarine at Mt Ive,  but the road is unmade so I won’t be capturing that one. I did find the Big Bob-tailed Lizard at Port Lincoln though.

I went looking for the Big Shark’s Head at Port Lincoln to no avail .. Will go searching again tomorrow.

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