Leaving Port Lincoln tomorrow … Good news though … Narniavan no longer leaking oil … Fingers crossed

Had a couple of quiet days in Port Lincoln waiting for some parts to finally fix the oil leak in Narniavan. Did a bit of exploring and came across a few gems … Love the Mosaic Couch … Not big, but definitely beautiful!

Also, although I said no more bronze horses, I couldn’t resist this statue of Makybe Diva … Magic horse! I visited its training stables when I did a horseback winery tour in Victoria back in early 2002 … A seriously difficult task … Drunk incharge of a horse lol.

To fill in time I visited Coffin Bay … Very pretty place.

Last couple of days have been without power and Internet in patches … Apparently the nasty weather cell that as recently passed over SA has caused no end of trouble for electronic services … Hopefully fixed now though. Will see tomorrow when I head north to Wyalla and Port Augusta.

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