Cold here in Albany, but this hardy Taswegian is taking it in her stride lol

Currently holed up in Albany … Raining and cold most of the time, but today was a lovely day. I had a lovely drive to Albany, calling into a pleasant dinosaur museum and bird sanctuary. Very clean and many of the birds are free flying … Nice to see in an aviary. They even spent some time hanging out on my shoulder, although I wish I had worn a thicker jumper … Sharp claws lol.

I also had a fabulous lunch of local marron … A bit like crayfish, but smaller … Yummy. I took a photo of the Big Blue Marron … Not on any list, but definitely a Big Thing.

I went back through some older photos, and realised I had failed to include a pic from Vasse, just outside Busselton. It is of a midshipman called Vasse who fell overboard in the 1800s, and then spent the rest of his life looking out to sea hoping to be rescued … the Big Midshipman?

Tomorrow off to explore Albany. I did go into the town centre today … Bought a beautiful glass plate … Know why I stay away from shopping centres! 
Am planning to return to Hobart for Xmas so will have to do some trip planning as I still have South Australian and Victorian Big Things to capture … First though is my time with Prof Brian Cox in August … Yeah!

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