Did some touristy things, then onto Bunbury

Mandurah is an interesting place, with lots of canal developments and amazing cafe scene along the waterfronts. One of the things I love about West Australia is the living by water attitude to many of the places in and around Perth. You will all be wondering why I didn’t visit Rottnest Island when I was in Perth? The weather was crap, and wet and raining, but I will be back in Perth in August to have my Professor Brian Cox ‘experience’ and I hope the weather will be better. I have been to Rottnest Island before when I visited Perth to attend a family wedding.
Onto Mandurah … I went on a river cruise in and around the canals and saw some amazingly huge houses … Apparently blocks of land can be up to 1 million dollars, and the owner must build a house up to the same value as the land … Hence the big houses … On the canal with swimming pools and boats!
Found this piece of public art, calling it the Big Heart, and liked it, but apparently it is for photo opportunities. I was happily taking photos and this very funny, slightly boganish young woman whom I had chatted to on the cruise offered to sit in the heart … I said thanks, but no thanks … Slightly regret as I reckon she would have done something funny … Oh well!
Next to it was this Big Picture Frame too.
Everyone said I should visit Dwellingup as it was ‘historical’, but I didn’t really find much there … Found out later you need to ‘go bush’ to see most of it. I found this Big Teapot on the road to Dwellingup.

There was a Wood and Craft House though. I came across this weird ’emu’ at its entrance … It also had some fab art pieces, but no photos allowed. Very talented people must work there (excluding the emu maker)!

Headed south from Mandurah, and decided to call in to see a lovely couple, Pam and Ray Cook. I first met them in the car park of Coles in Broome, and they said they had a van similar to mine back in Dawesville. I wrote their name and address on a piece of paper. I put that address into my GPS and voila … At the Cook’s house for lunch. You know how you occasionally meet someone and you become ‘instant’ friends … That is what it was like with Pam and Ray. Have a couple of hours driving around an inland waterway with them … Fab … We are going to catchup in August when I am back in Perth … Looking forward to that … Such nice people!
Left them to travel to Bunbury for the night … Had to crisscross a bit to capture a few Big Things … This Big Blackboard wasn’t on any list, but definitely a Big Thing just south of Dawesville.
Had to leave the scenic coastal road to get to Harvey … This Big Pie is on the side of a bakery there, and also not on any Big Thing list!
But this Big Orange is on the list … Sun was just in the wrong position, so photo not that great.

Not sure why I took this photo … Quite liked the idea of Witches of Woky (Wokarup) … Pity it was closed!
Apparently Brunswick Junction is the home of black and white cows … This must be the ugliest cow sculpture I have seen!

And this Big Cow on a Corner is listed, but not particularly big!
And more weird cow sculptures … Found out why so many cow sculptures … BJ is the home of Peters Creamery … Ice cream country! Yum!

Busselton tomorrow … Might spend a couple of days lazing around Eagle Bay!

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