It’s raining in Busselton … Cold just like Tassie!

Am currently holed up in Narniavan … Boy is it cold here in Busselton! Also have a swollen eye … Blocked lacrimal duct … It is my long-sighted eye, which makes driving a bit dangerous. I will try and get to the Busselton Jetty tomorrow … If eye allows.

I did capture a few photos on my trip from Bunbury to Busselton, even though the rain made it a bit tricky. I went to Gnomesville to see the gnomes … What a sight … Hundreds of the little blighters… Talked to a lady who was there 2 years ago and she was surprised by the explosion of miniature funny-looking people. There were also other statues, like smurfs and fairies … There was even a teddy bear or two. The photo I took only captured about a twentieth of the totality of gnomes. In the time I was there, the rain started to flood several areas of Gnomesville, including what was a cute babbling brook that turned to a raging river, putting several bridges under water.

Then made my way to Donnybrook … Still raining! It is home to the Big Apple … Actually it is home to the Big Apples, red and green ones! They seem to be multiplying! I didn’t get out of the car for the red ones as the rain was very heavy.
And also for the green ones too!

Then there were the red and green Big Tomato People … Many of them scattered around the town … Here are two if them!

Donnybrook also has this amazing playground … Absolutely OTT for a very small town … Apparently an elderly couple donated a million dollars for the local children, and I hope the playground didn’t use all of the funds … No one was at the playground … Could have been the rain of course lol. Found some Big Apple and Pear ‘People’ there though.

Turned right towards Busselton, through Capel and found this gem … Lovely piece of public art. Because I get lost I often find interesting things!

Hope the rain stops tomorrow and my eye is well enough to go exploring Busselton etc … Fingers crossed!

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