Left Perth, but let me tell you about the zoo …

Had an ok time at the Perth Zoo, but the Galapagos tortoises were hiding … Sad! I did get to see the Red Pandas and the Sun Bears, and another Tree Kangaroo … So quite productive. The zoo was full of mechanical dinosaurs that grunted and growled and swung heads and tails … I took a photo of the largest one … Of course it was the Tyrannosaurus Rex! What is it about Perth and dinosaurs?

As I was getting ready to leave the zoo at closing time, I was bailed up by a Big Red Kangaroo. He wouldn’t let me leave the numbat enclosure … He was very menacing … I rang the zoo number and a lovely young lady came to my rescue. Apparently he wanted to get in and eat the numbat’s food, and does this on a regular basis … I felt better about being scared … He was a huge bugger!
Found this peculiar public sculpture, penis and all, near the Fremantle Markets.

Travelled down to Mandurah, through Rockingham. There are lots of public sculptures scattered around the main roads of Perth etc. I took this photo on the way to Mandurah. Not sure what it is!

Rockingham had a few interesting sculptures … Of particular note was a pair of Dolphins … Not big, but very elegant. And the tree was very sculptural too.
The Big Angel was pretty impressive …

And so was the Big Builders Rule … It wouldn’t have worked as real thing, but as a Big Thing it sure does.

Then onto Mandurah where I found this Big Thing … If only I knew what it was!

The Big Double Bell-shaped Curves were superb, and doing a fabulous job holding up a pedestrian walkway.

Hanging out for a few days in Mandurah, checking out some touristy things.

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