It’s been so long … Where to start?

I suppose best to start where I left off. It has been so long … I spent several days at Kurri Kurri at the Rockabilly Nostalgia weekend … What fun it was, but didn’t have a signal for sometime there … Hence no blog. I did spend a couple of late nights with live bands playing Swing/Rockabilly music. I had a bit of a long drive after gigs as there isn’t a caravan park at Kurri Kurri, except a free camp at a local pub … It was too hot and muggy for free camping though!

After leaving Cessnock, I came across this robotic chook … The Big Robotic Chook?
It is at this point I am regretting not writing the blog up more often. On the road to Wisemens Ferry, my next destination, I came across what looked like a community art trail. These Big Ants (meat ants?) were accompanied by several others … Very impressive!
And then there was this Big Rhinoceros … Bit patchy, and it was for sale … Bit too big to sling into the van though!
I spent the night at Spencer 20 kms before Wisemens Ferry … I was tired after my weekend of dancing! This Big Crab was on one of the cabins … It was not a caravan park I would recommend if you were looking for luxury, but it was quirky … Obviously meant for fishermen, not the general travelling public.

I kept on travelling towards Sydney after catching the ferry. Spent a couple of days with my son Charles for Easter, and visited my friend Ali at her Unit in the Cloud Building, Barangaroo. I took this photo of Charles standing against a huge sculpture … Not sure what it represented, but it was huge!

Cooked dinner for Charles for his birthday, and the Baileys, for Sue’s birthday, then headed off to Lismore for R&R. 
Then onto Brisbane, before heading to Mackay. Now why am I going to Mackay you ask yourself? I am going back across the country from Mackay and Darwin to accompany my friend Amelia. Just another adventure … Then Broome after Darwin … Long drive ahead!
Found a few big things in and around Brisbane …
And this one too …
Oh and there is more … The art in the malls of Brisbane are multiplying!

I left Brisbane today on my way to Mackay, and found this Big Bull at Tiaro on the way.

Well glad I am up-to-date … Promise to be more regular … 

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