Why do we keep animals in zoos, but there is an upside …

When in Dubbo, do what the Dubbodians (?) do! So I went to the zoo, but it reinforced my loathing of putting wild animals behind fences. It … the zoo … did have an upside … I got to interact with some Galapagos tortoises! Amazing beings, and on my ‘bucket list’! Wow!!!

I did find some elephant statues, so took an obligatory photo, but oh I wish I could have taken the tortoises home 🙁
On my way out of town I passed a used car yard with a huge blowup boat in the front … Now I understand if it was a blowup car, but a boat? WTF?
I went onto a little town called Albert … What a treat, although the pub food isn’t that great. It has a pub called the Rabbit Trap Hotel, and guess what … It has a Big Rabbit Trap on top of its verandah … Surprise, surprise!

But the biggest surprise of all was the Big Tooheys Can … Although it isn’t on any Big Things list … Wonder why?
Next town on my list … Nyngan … The heart of Boganland. And they have the Big Bogan to prove it.

And a Big Emu … Although comic book character-like …

Oh and a helicopter just because it can!

Had to leave Nyngan and head towards Cobar. This ‘big thing’ was at the entrance to the town … A gas rig?

And another Big Tooheys Can … Must have bought a job lot for the region!

Off further inland … Slowly making my way to Broken Hill … Another ‘bucket list’ thing.

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