I survived 41 degrees today … Bloody hell it was hot!

In Broken Hill last night and tonight … It was very hot here today … 41 degrees!!!
I drove here through a town called Wilcannia day before yesterday where I found this Big Fish. I was warned not to leave my van unlocked ever, and there was a few burnt out buildings in the town … Seemed a shame as it was a pretty little town.
I went to a local caravan park so I could have aircon. I think I would have melted today without it. I was very lucky to meet Glenda and Shane who kindly took me out to the Sculptures in the Desert as it was advertised that it was best seen at sunset and I didn’t want to go out there alone. As it turned out there was masses of people so would have been perfectly safe. It was nice to share the experience with people though … This sandstone sculpture was one of many examples, but it was by far the best in my opinion.
Today I ventured out into the heat to visit the Pro Hart Gallery … Very interesting … I couldn’t afford one of his original paintings, but many were inciteful and commentated on the mining environs … Pro Hart grew up in Broken Hill, working in the mines … Pretty tough place to grow up in!
It has several Big Things too … The Big Ant was one such example …

And on top of the hill above the town was the Big Bench … I should have used my shelf fairy Annabel to give perspective … It would be a bit of a climb to sit on it!
Last, but not least … The Big Steelman/miner … 

Tomorrow back out into the heat! Before I spinoff tonight, I went out to Silverton … Where they filmed Mad Max … Deserted town with a few galleries … And a few VWs painted like this one … Bit like Utes in the Paddock, only VWs instead!

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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