Thought I had better tell you how it went!

OMG what an amazing experience … Swimming with a monster of the deep … A whale shark … Was the absolute best! No superlatives could really do it justice! It was magic! A ‘must do’ for you all!

Only problem … I had forgotten I was no longer 20 years old, and I am not as strong as I thought! It was very rough … A northerly wind had whipped up the waves to about 1 metre … Doesn’t sound much, but for this aged body it was huge! I really had a ball, and the staff were very good … I couldn’t keep up with it … Was only swimming at 7 k/h, but too fast for me so a staff member towed me along side it for a while. I swallowed lots of sea water, but who cares … I got to swim with a whale shark!!!!
Unfortunately I don’t have any photographic evidence yet, but am expecting to get some images via email sometime soon. I have spent the day today quietly recovering lol! Here is an image that I took from the Internet to show you what a whale shark looks like. I am off to Coral Bay tomorrow … Wish I could do the swim again … Unfortunately have to move on 🙁

Wonder what adventures are around the corner … Would have to be pretty special to top this experience!

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