Gosh have I been busy!

Still in Darwin, but leaving tomorrow. I have been organising lots of admin stuff … Finally applied for my low income health card … Now it is up to a public servant to say yes … Feels weird to put your fate into another’s hands! My experiences with Centrelink have been frustrating … Staff are mostly fab, but the forms! And the language they use … You need a degree in obtuse words to interpret! Not really obtuse, but misapplication (is that a word?) of descriptors. So much for ‘plain language’!

I have also thought I might apply for a senior internship for a travel company … Think I could write a blog about my experiences when they pay for the travel? Anyway I need to apologise as I should go back over my blog and fix the typos that I know exist … Not bothered till now because the intent of the text was obvious. It might mean that the IFTTT reposts the blogs … Sorry in advance!
I might post my 200 word application for comment/critique … Thinking I might write several versions … Not too fussed about the actual job, just love the challenge lol!
Off towards Broome tomorrow … Might revisit Wangy Falls, but have heard it is closed due to a crocodile invasion! Internet signal is dodgy towards Lake Argyll so may not post for a few days.
I don’t have any photos relating to Big Things, but thought my Red Shoe painting fits in a weird way … So here tis!

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