Second scariest moment of my trip so far

Obviously the scariest moment was the near-miss (for me) fatal car accident outside Mackay in the previous year. I was passing one of those very long road trains and some idiot decided he didn’t like his side of the road, and that my side looked much more inviting. After slamming on the brakes and much flashing of lights, the driver saw fit to return to the right side in time to avoid an accident … Thankfully!
On a much lighter note I am back in termite and spinifex country on my way to Broome. The termites have several manifestations … Short and tall pointy ones as well as ones that look like muffin tops dripping in icing.
On the long and interminable drive from Katherine to Broome I passed a sign ‘Wolfe Creek crater’, but the road was unsealed so didn’t go the 130 kms to check it out … Did remember that movie!
Am going to try and add a video of an unusual rock formation outside Fitroy Crossing, and I must apologise for the ‘dead bug smear’ on the footage … Hope it works!
PS sorry about background music … It is Cliff Richard for those too young to know lol!
Didn’t work … Will try again tonight.

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