Back in Brisbane … Awning!!!! Yeah!!!

Drove back to BrisVegas yesterday, collecting ‘big things’ on the way, although I made a bit of a mistake about the order so my GPS tried to send me back down the coast for final ‘thing’. Unlike my usual navigation I noticed quite quickly, cancelled the addresses, and moved onto the city … luckily … saving me about an hour and lots of diesel. 

The first stop was at the Big Gun, and I found it!

Then I noticed that there was 2 cows as well at the Big Gun Markets … I suppose the big gun was a bit overdone so they put up 2 cows at the Big Gun Butchers … ?
It was then onto the Big Redback Spider. I did get some information that may interest you … The Redback Garden Centre is moving … Not sure where yet, but I will try and find it next year when I am back that way.
And another Big Apple … Doesn’t anyone realise that they can’t compete with the Big Apple at Ballandean!
It was at this point that I realised I was heading south instead of north. I found the not-so-big Red Truck at Woollangabba.

Onto Brisbane … Shopping tomorrow. Unless I get really lucky, there won’t be any big things tomorrow lol! I did find my favourite furniture shop, Matt Blatt, and Howard’s Storage World is just around the corner … Mmm interesting!

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