How hot and muggy can Mackay get?

Haven’t posted anything for a week or so because it is so hot up in Mackay that I haven’t been doing anything of note! Oh except sitting in an air-conditioned house, only stepping out to go shopping in air-conditioned shops! Then there is the tropical downpours of rain … big enough to flood the inside of the van. Have spent most of week emptying the van, drying everything and looking for the leak!

Having found the leak (around the gas compartment door), and partially covering the offending door, the next task is to repack the van … a job for this week! Just wish it would cool down … just a little bit … please!

Bought a dash cam today … couldn’t find one that automatically uploads to cloud storage … you would think someone would have invented one by now. Something for you ‘boffins’ out there!

Am having trouble with a few issues originating in Hobart. Maybe someone out there could help me solve them:

1. Chandlers Electrical, based out at Cambridge Park, have failed to provide me with an electrical compliance certificate. I had a few problems with the original service provided, but after a few phone calls, the work was completed according to Australian Standards. I emailed several times before I left, letting them know I was heading off, and paying more for the service as I decided that challenging them over the charges for fixing their mistakes would hold up issuing the sticker. How right I was! I received a phone call from a man called Jake to ‘pop over to put certificate sticker on van’ … I politely said that he would need to fly to Mackay. He laughed and said he would post it to me … that was 2 1/2 weeks ago! He isn’t returning my calls. Luke and Carleen Chandler are the owners and they live in Seven Mile Beach. If anyone knows them and can ask them why the hold up, I would appreciate it. I need the sticker because on the way up to here, I had to use unpowered sites because I don’t have certification! In the next couple of weeks, I will be heading across the ‘top end’ … without air-conditioning when I stop for the night!!!

2. Brendan Warn (hairdresser) bought from me a 140 piece dinner set at a very low price, and promised to pay me by end of the week, which he so far has failed to do! Brendan is a hoarder, something I think he doesn’t really believe. His daughter has those tendencies too I reckon. She took 2 boxes of jewellery from the garage sale stuff … to be fair I did say they could have some stuff, but when I discovered all of the jewellery gone, I asked Brendan to return it, which he agreed was a good idea, but has failed so far to do it. I am not sure he knew what his daughter had ‘acquired’! The jewellery was mostly good costume jewellery, but with matching sets of necklaces (jade and ebony amongst them) and long drop pierced earrings, something his 5 year old daughter doesn’t have. Anyone who has Brendan as their hairdresser, please would you let him know I won’t let this issue go … I will get the money owed or dinner set back, along with the jewellery … no matter how long it takes!

3. True Value Solar, installers of solar panels on my roof, have repaired the ‘inverter box(?)’ on the roof after the panels stopped putting power back to the grid. The fellow who came and fixed the panels said that whoever put the panels on the roof put the ‘inverter box’ on upside down. True Value Solar said that they would look at compensation for 5 months of uploads to the grid. After a few weeks, they received the report from the ‘fixer’, and agreed to ‘progress’ my claim. Chip, their Compensation Manager, sent several emails promising action ‘by the close of business that day’ … none of which eventuated! I rang the other day and spoke to a lady who said Chip would ‘get back to me soon’ … which hasn’t happened. If you are contemplating using this company to install your solar panels … don’t!!!

End of rant … keep well Xxx Mmm

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