Mackay for a while

I need to apologise to the pedants out there … ‘eastest’ should be in inverted commas as it really isn’t a word … correctly I should have said most eastern point, but to be fair ‘northest’, southest’, ‘eastest’ and ‘westest’ has a certain ring to it!

Have achieved a couple of ‘firsts’ in the previous couple of days:

1. First personal purchase of ‘stuff’ … a very cute pair of … wait for it … shoes … surprise, surprise! Black, shiny, heeled ‘jellies’ … yum! I had a spare spot in the shoe/wine cupboard as I had shared a lovely Tas wine with Kym and James. Mmmm had another bottle last night with Millie … does that mean I can buy another pair of shoes?

2. First hitchhiker … before you all roll your eyes, just like Julie Bishop lol, she was a delightful young Danish girl who had been given a fine by police because apparently hitchhiking is illegal in Queensland … who knew?

I have settled into Mackay … inside with aircon of course … with dogs and cat, but yet to-to-be met horse. Millie and Greg off soon. Having parked my van at the top of steep drive, it may require Greg’s expertise to get it back down to the street … I missed the house by 20 cms!

Lastly I have been contemplating what was in my mind when I thought that travelling across the north of Oz in the heat at end of the ‘wet’ season was a fab thing to do! I must be mad!!!

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