If you were wondering …

I went to Canberra to have Narniavan’s brakes replaced as the brake light alert on the van was on … I thought I would be there for a day … Wrong … 5 days later, after replacing brakes, and finding the handbrake calipers needed to be replaced, I am back on the road.

I had to wait for parts to come from Melbourne … Bugger … Not only that, but the van spent that time up on a hoist. Apparently when you take the wheels off, you can’t put them back on until everything is fixed!
Luckily Cluan and Tegan came to my rescue. I got to spend lots of time with this beautiful, kind couple, but Juniper the baby was a bonus … Such fun and very happy child … They should be very proud … She is a delight!
Staying in Beechworth for a day to explore, then onto Benalla to stay with Lynne and Mario.
Not having any transport, I failed to find any more Big Things, but I did find this horse on the way down the Hume Highway … I like horses lol!
Not much else to report …

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