Nearing Brisbane … Enjoying revisiting some interesting places on the way

I have travelled from Darwin to Toowoomba, over a familiar route. There wasn’t much new stuff to record, although I did  find a few gems. This XXXX can in a paddock in the middle of nowhere.
And I did explore Barcaldine a bit and found this bicentenary theatre … Impressive building!  On my way to Barco I followed this idiot in a flat tray truck who spent a third of his time on the wrong side of the road. He missed a few trucks by a whisker, so I tried to contact the police in Barco, but no one answered … The driver continued on his not so merry way through town with several near-misses … I just hope he didn’t hit anyone later!
Just before Charleville I found a new Big Thing … A Big Arrow … Pretty impressive!
Although I said no more horses, but this one was cute.
This Big Marron was on the fence at the Charleville Caravan Park.

While staying in Charleville I looked out at dusk and saw a hot air balloon rising from the local football oval … I got very excited, but it was only the local Airforce doing demos for the local kids … Nice balloon!

At Morven checked out the miniature village done by locals … Such artistry … Very realistic and to scale!

After I arrived in Toowoomba, and getting lost on the way to the supermarket, I found this gem. Not sure if it is a Big Brolga or a Big Ibis, but someone is creative.

Off to Brisbane tomorrow … Looking forward to seeing James and Kym. Just giving a heads up to my youngest son who ran the Melbourne Marathon last weekend in a time of 3:18:02 … WOW! So proud xx M

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