Finally left Darwin … Enjoy the peace and quiet Amelia and Greg lol

I have finally fixed all the small niggly things that were wrong with Narniavan. On the road south of Darwin. Before I continue with the trip stuff, I did see several things in and around Darwin. I didn’t take lots of photos as I have captured in the past a Big ‘Mack’ Dog, many Big Bulls and several Big Chainsaws. I did say I had given up crocodile pics, but I did like this specimen at Cullen Bay.

Heading south from Darwin, I’m not sure what planet I was on that I thought … I will stay at Wangy Falls, no power and no aircon … It will be lovely … Wrong! It was hot and sticky as it is only 100 kms south of Darwin!
Next night at Mataranka Homestead was better … Power and aircon, but a very strong smell … Word of warning … Never stay at Mataranka Homestead in Oct … Bats arrive and stay in the trees surrounding the hot springs … There is a real danger of being pooped on from above. The smell is pretty awful too … Yuck! The sky turns black at sunset and sunrise as they go out to feed and return to rest. 

Am back at Tennant Creek … You know you have been at a caravan park a lot when they greet you with … Hello Margo! 
Tomorrow off across to Qld and Brisbane for James birthday. Also a sing out to William for his first marathon run … Taking place in Melb on Sunday … Good luck Will … Hugs xx

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