Oh great … Back in dressed up termite mound country!

On my way north to visit Amelia and Greg … Narniavan needs a bit more work, and the guys in Darwin are very trustworthy.

Before I tell you where I have been recently, I missed a photo from Coober Pedy … Not sure how that happened, but this Big Lizard is also not on any Big Things list … It is right next to the Big Opal Bug so it should have been recorded by now … Nevermind, it is now …

I left Uluru to go to Kings Canyon … Something that has been on my ‘bucket list’ for ages … Unfortunately it required a huge climb up an almost vertical rock staircase … Should have done it 10 years ago when I was last at Uluru. I did walk the Kings Creek route, which was an easier climb, but not so spectacular.
There was a Big Akubra Hat at the entrance so settled for a photo of that instead of the Big Canyon.

There is also a new visitor shelter being built … Looks very ‘arty’ …

Travelled on towards Alice Springs and took this long distance photo of Mt Connor … A pretty impressive bit of rock!

Oh and it rained at Kings Canyon! Onto Alice Springs … Found a train from the original Ghan Railway …

Found a Big Hand in Alice … Interesting sculpture!
While in Alice, I went to Hermannsburg, birthplace of Albert Namatjira … Fascinating historical precinct … Such History!
Went to return to Alice … Guess what … It rained bucket loads. I drove through a thunderstorm because I was worried I might get stuck there as there was so much water over the road in lots of places.
I met a lovely, funny couple, Damo and Ros … Damo has a fantasy … To have a blonde Swede in the camper next to his and Ros’ tent … He got that … I am a blonde and there was a lovely Swedish man on the other side … Lol … Be careful of what you wish for Damo lol!
Left Alice … Still raining … I am a Rain God! On to Aileron and the Big Anmatjere Aboriginal man …
And the Big Anmatjere Aboriginal Woman and Child.

There was also this interesting not-so-big snake.

Arrived at Tennant Creek for the night … Guess what … It is raining!!!

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