I think I am a rain God

I read a book ages ago by Douglas Adams called So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. In it there was a long-haul truck driver that the rain clouds thought was a rain God, and that the clouds needed to keep raining on him to honour him. Many towns paid him to stay away because everywhere he went, it rained. Well that’s how I feel at the moment … I am in Coober Pedy … It is 14 degrees and raining … Coober Pedy where lots of businesses are underground because it is such a hot and dry place … Until today when I got here!!!

I mentioned in an earlier blog the Big Shark Head at North Sheild, just outside Port Lincoln … Well I failed to find it!

Onto other matters … More Big Things … Firstly the Big Whiting at Port Neill to be found on the northern approach to the town.
A more impressive Big Thing … The Big Galah … Might I suggest it should be called the Giant Galah … It was huge!

Took a side trip to Whyalla … Because it exists lol. Found a few things, not big, but interesting … World map …

Scuba diver, complete with fish …
And HMAS Whyalla at the local Maritime Museum.

More driving to Port Augusta … Voila … Big Lizard Head!

And a Big Snake … The image is taken from the promo pamphlet as it was too dark inside the exhibition to take a decent photo.

Continuing the long driving day … Woomera! Yeah! A town that has filled every public place with planes and rockets … Wonder why?

Finally made it to Coober Pedy … Exploring tomorrow … If it stops raining!!! Found this truck at the entrance to the town.

Will try and find the Big Opal Bug tomorrow … Apparently it is a VW bug with legs … Interesting!

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