Professor Brian Cox … WOW … What an amazing man!

OMG what fab time listening to PBC … Amazing scientist, amazing man … And I got to ask several questions … Yeah!!!

I am in Perth of course. I have had Narniavan checked over … All good. I have a crack in the windscreen, but won’t get it fixed until I get back to Tassie at Xmas. I also had a wisdom tooth out … Yucky process and soooo painful. Oh well that’s life!
Now onto that beautiful man … The presentation was very sciency with lots of mathematical formulae and graphs, but the photos were incredible, and his stories were captivating. I confess I didn’t understand some of it … But who cares … It was still fascinating! He had a few goes at Malcolm Roberts (the One Nation Senator from Q&A the other night), and he got lots of laughs … Funny as well as brilliant! WOW!
The After Party was great, and lots of photos were taken. Apparently they should be available to download sometime, but you know me … hate having my photo taken. I will put one up if I find out where they are uploaded. I asked several questions about matter and antimatter and dark matter, and another one about deep space building. It was fun. PBC is coming to Tas in November next year … I will have to be back for that too!
Enough of that … A few Big Things in and around Perth. Firstly a Big Ball and Chain.

I met a young man whose father had been part of the team that installed the Big Sun Dial at Cottesloe. A great sculpture as well as a functioning sun dial.

Nearby found a cute dolphin sculpture.

And this weird Big ‘Super’ Man on top of a building at Welshpool.

Have a couple of more days in Perth … Am having some artwork put on Narniavan … I felt it needed some personalisation lol. I will post photos when it is completed.

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