Narniavan is a little bit sick … eek!

Sorry there has been a bit of a gap between blogs, but have had to travel to Geraldton to have some mechanical work done on van. It developed an oil leak. Have found a mechanic to look at it, and it is in the workshop today. I am hoping it is good news!

Before I headed to Geraldton I did get a final photo from the back of my van at the Kalbari caravan park … A beautiful sunset!

I have to say I find Geraldton a great place to stay, and the council has done an amazing job of beautifying the foreshore … Such a wonderful public space, and so many people, including youths, using the facilities.
I went to the Sydney Comedy Festival show at the local theatre … If you are thinking of going … Piece of advice … Don’t! It was very substandard for one of those shows!
Just got a call to ring the mechanic … Hope it is good news! Before I publish this blog, found this gem on walk to the local library … I think it represents a golden nest egg? Any way it was in the window of a financial advisor. There are a lot of public sculptures in and around Geraldton, but none that would qualify as a big ‘thing’ … all just big nondescript things lol!
Off to the mechanics to rescue Narniavan … Then a couple of days to get to Perth for my Professor Brian Cox ‘experience’ … yeah!

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