The weather is making me homesick lol

Spent the previous 2 days tucked up in Narniavan because the weather in Esperance was atrocious. For completeness I decided to capture the final big thing even though I said ‘no more Big Chainsaws’ previously. So here is the final Big Chainsaw from Esperance.

Now onto more interesting things. I decided to ‘go for broke’ and chance the high winds and return to Ravensthorpe to find the Big Shoe, which I had failed to find on my through that town before. When I started my trip some 16 months ago my main goal was to find the Big Shoe, and I am pleased to announce my success. Of course those who know me well know I am obsessed with shoes, so it was only logical I would chase down the ultimate Big Thing.

I met some fabulous people in my quest for the Big Shoe, and they helped with the detective work to track it down. It wasn’t on display anywhere so firstly I asked at the local service station, but to no avail. Then I chanced upon a lovely lady who was waiting for her husband and I asked her. She rang a friend who knew where it was, and gave very clear instructions to find it. 

Off I went to Hopetoun (someone couldn’t spell lol)! I found a few Big Things on the way. Several Big Flowers were on the side of the road.

Not sure what are the flowers … A banksia, a ‘Blackboy’ grass and some sunflowers I think? I also found this amazing blue and white teaset made by the beautiful Sue.

Further down this No Through Road I found the place I was trying to find … and it was accompanied by this very colourful truck …

Sue has created lots of Farm Gate Art, and if you are ever in the vicinity, go check it out. I boldly went where no one dares to go, and approached Sue and her very helpful partner Colin. I told them about my quest, and Colin, the dear soul, very kindly moved the trailer it was in out of the soggy wet ground and between us we moved the Big Shoe onto open ground … I got a photo just as the skies opened up and rain fell very heavily. Here it is …

And see the rainbow behind it? Gay pride yeah! Off to Wave Rock tomorrow!

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