Lots to show you …

50,000 kms and have finally reached a complete capture (minus 2 I missed, but reported anyway) of all Big Things in Western Australia … Yeah!
So let’s report on the last couple of things.
Firstly the longest water slide in regional Australia at Kulin.
The start of the Tin Horse Highway at Kulin … Not big, more weird!
Another tin horse, but a Big Tin Horse …
Onto Wave Rock near Hyden … Wow! Look at the size of it … A Big Wave Rock … Granite at its best!
The next day after overnight rain … Looked amazing! Tina hope you can capture better photos when you get there!

Another granite formation … Hippo’s Yawn.

I need to apologise for some of the images as I got badly bogged on the side of the road as it has been raining a lot … I think they call it ‘soft edges’ … Narniavan just sank up to its axle in a blink of an eye! Luckily a couple of young lads pulled over and winched me to safety … Am a bit reticent to pull over onto the verge at the moment!

The major draw card for Corrigin is the annual “Dog in a Ute” event, a very typical Aussie thing. Each year Corrigin and the rival state of Victoria battle it out to break the world record for how many “dogs in utes” they can parade through the town. The idea of the event is to raise money for charities and their local community.
Corrigin has … Surprise, surprise … A Big Black Dog too!
Accompanied by a helicopter …
And a cartoon toy train … Not sure why?

Having to backtrack, which I hate doing, but necessary in this instance … More Tin Horse Highway sculptures.

Oh and the cops were there too lol!
But this Big Seahorse is on my Big Things additional list … Impressive!

Then this eagle at Narenbeem just up the road from an amphitheatre with pop music blaring … And completely empty … Think the locals thought it a ‘good idea’!

And this unusual house … The town was completely empty, but they still have designer houses lol.
Next stop Bruce Rock … Didn’t venture out to rock as the road was dirt, but found this Big Tyre.

And found Australia’s smallest bank at Shackleton … It is a bit rundown as it is currently closed, but I hope the community looks after it … Quite unusual.
This is the second Ettamogah Pub (the other one is on Queensland) I have found. This one is at Cundedin.

Also at Cundedin is this Big Muffler!
Last, but not least on the Big Things list … The Big Camera at Meckering.

Although I have finished the Big Things on the list in WA I have a couple of weeks before my ‘up close and personal experience’ with Professor Brian Cox, so I am going to head into WA hinterland to seek warmer weather.  Will continue with my photo blog of course.

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