Hanging in Kalbarri … Beautiful sleepy place

I am enjoying some down time in Kalbarri, and have a few things I found on the way here. I found a Big Spiral Clock at Morawa … A community project that really works … Literally and figuratively.

Pretty eh! All throughout inland WA there are several things I noticed … Not a lot of petrol stations, nor any pharmacies with pharmacist, but wildflower country has heaps and heaps of Big Flowers all over the countryside. This example I found in Wongan Hills. I also saw lots of metal cutout sculptures.
Well that’s all I found of interest, but I forgot several things in an earlier post. At Wave Rock there is a Wildlife Park. My advice is it is worth going into it for the white kangaroos … Too far away to photograph … But the Park is the most unkempt dirty place I have visited so far … Pity really … Animals deserve better!
I forgot to mention the earthquake that devastated Meckering in the 60/70s … Nothing else to mention … Just of interest for some.
I went past the Pink Lake south of Kalbarri, and this time it was actually pink, so I took a photo.

As I came back to the van I met a lovely couple who were originally from Hong Kong, but now resident in Perth … Had a funny fab conversation with them … Walter and Stephanie were their names.

Finally had to fix the step on the van … I stepped too heavy onto it and a bolt pulled through the flimsiest plastic/metal part. I was under the van … Tight fit lol … And a lovely couple called David and Donna pulled up next to me at the caravan park … With the cutest black miniature poodle. The upshot was that David fixed the step for me … I was most appreciative … I know I like to do my own repairs, but scrambling around under the van is not my idea of fun! And David did a fab job … Thanks David.
Have a couple more days at Kalbarri before I head off towards Perth … More walks on the beach! Yeah! Weather is great here … Not raining!

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