Esperance … A pretty part of WA … Cold though

Had a couple of days in Esperance, just exploring. I have roamed up and down the coast … White beaches, rugged wind swept cliffs, white waves, remote windy islands … Very like our south coast.

First Big Thing … A Big ‘Whale of a Tale’ … Lovely public sculpture.

Opposite this beautiful ‘thing’ is a Big Propeller … Not really big, but … Actually a Wind Farm Propeller. There is a wind farm just outside of town.
Down the road from this ‘scene’ is a imaginative artists’ enclave with some fascinating artists, and 2 Big Stone Bottles.

Did you know that Skylab came down just outside Esperance, leaving a trail of debris scattered over the surrounding paddocks. Well I think the good people of Esperance gathered up all of those bits and bobs and opened a museum. It has a big focus on all things farming, boating and Skylab … Very extensive. It also has a small model of Skylab outside the entrance.

I am leaving the best till last, but before I tell you about the ‘big secret’, I have another Big Leaf to show you … At least I think it is a leaf? I suppose it could be a wind surfing sail? Who knows!

And now for the best that Esperance has to offer … Drum roll … Stonehenge, although strictly speaking it isn’t a henge as described on QI. It is an full size replica of a complete Stonehenge as it would have looked in 1950BC … Very impressive! It consists of 137 stones (weird number eh?), made from Esperance Pink Granite. The structure is aligned to the summer solstice in WA.

Am off to Cape Le Grande National Park tomorrow … From all accounts a very pretty part of the Esperance coast.

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