Perth and Freo … Bloody cold here!

Happily ensconced near Fremantle and Perth at Annamarie’s place. What an angel of a person … Allowing me to park my van in her and Brian’s driveway. It has been mostly wet and/or as cold as Hobart … Although today was a crisp cool day, just like Hobart’s quite famous autumn sunny days.

I had 2 Big Things to find … One is on The Worst of Perth list … A Big Blue tongued Lizard, and I have to say it absolutely lives up to its inclusion. 
And the DNA Tower … Or the Big Double Staircase … A much more interesting tourist item in King’s Park. It was a long way to the top … There must be a song in that statement!

King’s Park has lots of sculptures of dinosaurs … Too many to include, but have shown a small selection …

Off to the Perth Zoo tomorrow … There are more dinosaur sculptures there! Why is Perth so obsessed with dinosaurs?

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