Horizontal Falls … Absolutely magic experience!

About to leave Broome, but thought I should share a few photos of my horizontal falls experience … What a fabulous day! I would heartily recommend this tour, even though it is quite expensive (thx boys and Kym … Love you all). 

The first photo is of us just after passing through the narrow gap … This one is is widest, but the other gap is only 7 metres across and we did it at 35 k/h! Scary stuff! It had a change of water tide of 1 1/2 metres … Like going down an escalator in a boat … Tough on the old body!
This photo is the seaplane that flew us to Kings Sound to have breakfast (up at 5am … Nearly killed me lol) … A first for me … Landing on water is incredible … Almost surreal.
And the 3rd photo is from the air on our way out … At this stage of the tidal change these gaps are impassable due to the 3-4 metre drop from one side to the other.

This adventure is the highlight of my trip so far, and should be something everyone who can do it, should do it!

On another note … I did put in a submission to the senior internship … Will wait and see if I get an interview. I went online and did a personality test thingy to see if I should include something about it on the submission … Was surprised about the nice things it said …
You have a passion for perfection, you like to challenge yourself, and you appreciate diversity. You are committed to personal aesthetics, excel in finding problems and solutions, and have a driving force to create. You have boundless imagination and an open mind” … Decided not to use it … Thought it a bit OTT!

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