Broome is underwater!

It is raining a lot here at the moment … Almost need to put my bathers on to get out of the van lol. I have been able to do 1 harbour cruise so far, but everything else has been washed out. I did manage to capture Cable Beach though before the skies opened up.

And the public sculpture, titled Intergalactic Orchestra, which was very fine … This kind of modern art I get.
The sunsets up here are magical… This one I captured on the boat cruise. Pretty spectacular eh?

Now about that rain … Houses up here don’t have gutters … You get drenched walking out the door  from the volume of water pouring off the roof … I suppose when it is wet it is very very wet and gutters wouldn’t achieve anything as the water dissipates not long after it stops raining due to the heat.

On a different note I have bought a ticket to Professor Brian Cox’s lecture in Perth in August, and also an intimate meeting … Me and 40 others … With a chance to ask him questions, so will post closer to the time for suggestions … I’ll need a script … Your help would be appreciated!
Off at the crack of dawn for a seaplane and horizontal falls experience, unless the weather intervenes again! Better get some sleep …

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