Been pottering around Broome

I have been exploring Broome, and am going on a sunset Eco-tourism snub-nosed dolphin cruise tomorrow. I have also decided to do a sea-plane and Horizontal Falls boat trip on Friday.

I found these old codgers, celebrating the establishment of the pearling industry, in the form of bronze statues in Chinatown, but was very disappointed that Chinatown was just a streetscape with not much in the way of Asian influence, just a couple of Egyptian, Thai and Chinese restaurants, and clothes shops. I was expecting something more like the Chinatown in Melbourne.
Next to these statues is a ‘hard hat man’ celebrating the pearlers who harvested the pearls. The suit they wore looks very cumbersome!

On the road out of town I have been privy to many people carrying out a ritual that I thought only really occurred in the outback … The hand/finger wave. I have seen this ritual before when I was on Flinders Island. I have noticed that there is a certain style to this wave … Some lift one index finger, some a whole hand, and the Britz travellers an enthusiastic double hand wave!

As promised, I am going to provide one version of my application for a senior internship with a travel company … So here tis …
“I am a natural storyteller, always have been, and blogging is my lifeblood. It is how I keep in touch with friends and family while I am on the road. I love to travel, and have been to Europe, SouthEast Asia and some of the Pacific Islands. I enjoyed Barcelona, adored Fiji, and fell in love with Thailand, but best of all I love Australia.

am currently driving around Australia, seeing places I have heard about, but not visited until now. I blog any funny experiences I have, as well as all of the Big Things in Australia. The changing vistas I have seen on my travels are breathtaking, and there is more to come.

I am always up for an adventure from wild river rafting in Fiji, to hot air ballooning over Chang Mai, to snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef … I love them all. As well as travelling, I have been blessed with a rich and varied working life, from nursing, to web designer, to teaching Project Management. I wrote a novella as a university assignment of which I am proud, but I am most proud of my three beautiful boys … The greatest achievement of all! I can hear them laughing as they say ‘Here you go again Mum!'”

What do you all think?

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