Narniavan had a small mishap!

My poor van has a broken rear window … A bloody fire hose reel jumped out at it and bit it! Actually truth to tell I backed into it … The rear cameras missed it because it was about a metre and a half off the ground … Damn nuisance. I am currently sitting in a motor home repair shop while they put a new window in … At least no one was hurt, and getting it repaired is easy.

I did have it fixed today, but they put in the wrong window (clear instead of tinted), so am currently hanging around Lake Macquarie … What a pretty and amazing place, and the lake goes on forever. I went exploring (after I put a plastic bag over the broken window) and explored some sea caves. My only issue with the whole place … As it is very flat and at sea level with the lake as it is connected to the sea through Lake Entrance, what happens when sea levels change? Flooding? Because it is close to the ocean, there are beautiful sea breezes to cool it down in the evening. I could see myself living here!

I did find a sort of ‘big thing’ … A blowup dog, so took photo just because …

My phone has died … Again … So as soon as repair completed, will head off to get another one … That is phone number 5 for the trip so far … 34,000 kms … Wonder how many before I am finished lol!

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