Patted a shark … And a stingray … Wow!

Left Stockton yesterday. It is a peculiar place … Virtually no shops, no service station, not many buses, but everyone wants to live there apparently … It does have a ferry. It is near a fertiliser storage place, with accompanying threat of explosions, and has had several bad polluted winds from the coal stores too in the past … Why anyone would live there is beyond me! 

Did find Mozzie … The Big Mosquito at Hexham, just outside Stockton.
I pottered around the coastal area north of Newcastle, and ended up on road to Nelson Bay. Found this Big Koala (actually there were 2 of them). It isn’t a very good example … It had a sad expression! Anything to do with being in a zoo?

It was just after this sign that I came across Shark and Ray World … Why I stopped I don’t know, but I like sharks and was curious. I patted a stingray and a shark … I don’t like living things in captivity, but I found them quite fascinating… Took lots of pics, but only 1 turned out … They move too quickly for my camera phone … Oh well!
Stopping at Jimmy’s Beach, Hawks Nest … Lovely place, but too much seaweed to swim … Bit of a bugger! Also found this Big Wine Bottle too. 

Off tomorrow … Not sure where to, but tried to book ballooning flight … No answer yet … Tomorrow is another day!

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