On the road again …

Yes I have left Hobart after a couple of weeks of R&R and family stuff. I also got to go sailing … Thx to Laura and Matthew, and Mitch and Maggie … Felt a bit homesick while I was there … The weather was fab, apart from last 2 days … realised that the weather didn’t make me homesick after that! I also took Lili the dog for walks everyday … Poor love did get a bit confused at the start … She wasn’t sure who to go home with, although Louise left her with me for a couple of hours and Lili pined the whole time for Louise so she is well and truly embedded in the Kent household lol!

I had some medical issues as well, but I packed up the house, and William carefully put all my things in the roof space … Thx Will xx … If there is a huge crash at my house … That could be my stuff coming through the ceilings lol.
I am at Burleigh Heads tonight … It is very warm and sticky, but as I am going to cow/duck/chook/kangaroo sit for Paul and Anabelle in a week, am just pottering around … Could do with heading south … Want to visit the Hunter Region after my week at Lismore. Hope the rain stops falling there so I can go ballooning … Thx guys for present … Will post pics when 
I go … Love ballooning!!!
I think my travels won’t be driven so much by my Big Things list this part of my trip. Having said that I came across the Big Avocado in the Tweed Valley … It was raining cats and dogs so took this photo from the car through the windscreen … I had already got drenched once today … Hence the poor quality …
If I don’t plan finding the Big Things … I wonder how many I will just ‘come across’ … Time will tell lol!

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