Getting a bit of wanderlust

Back in Brisbane, helping (?) James and Kym pack for their move into the new house. Not sure how much help I am, but it is too bloody hot to pack for hours so doing small amounts. Probably do more over weekend as the hot weather seems to have cooled … Thankfully!

I don’t really have much to report so thought I might do a few tidying up facts for the blog:
I have travelled 30,000 kms so far
I have spent approx. $7,000 on diesel
I have had 2 van services … One in Darwin and one in Brisbane
I have fixed the step into van 3 times … It is low hanging … Could remove it if it gets broken too often
I have drunk 12 bottles of red wine, oh and 2 bottles of Galliano lol
I have bought 5 pairs of ‘functional’ driving shoes, and one ‘impractical’ pair for fun
Many bottles of diet coke … Too many to count, although have substituted lots with water nowadays
Weirdly I have used 3 tubes of toothpaste and 4 cakes of soap
I have put up the annex 3 times … Wouldn’t recommend an annex if you don’t have one already … Makes the van really dark! 
I have given 2 backpackers a lift
And attended one fatal car accident … Horrid experience
I also found a pic that I took at Tully of a Big Cassowary … Not sure why it got missed, but missed it was.
Back to packing … Might go for a drive next week … Missing the travelling just a bit! Also looks like I might be back in Hobart in the middle of January 2016 to pack up some of my stuff … More about that later …

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