Came to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to be cooler … Didn’t work!

Well it’s true … Went to Maleny to cool off, but failed … Been hot as … I did find some interesting stuff though.

Before I post those pics, I have another one that Laura Banks emailed me … If you live in Hobart and have seen the new scultptures in Salamanca Square, and you read my blog, you will have seen these figures before!
These are Gillie and Marc Rabbit and Dog sculptures … Bet Taswegians think they are unique. So far I have found them in Indooripilly, Bondi Junction, Forbes, and now Tas! Wonder how many more I will find in my travels?
First day in Maleny, I decided to travel further afield. One thing I have realised is that I need to stay in one place for couple of days to really get to know a place and its surrounding towns. So went to Woodford … No sign of a folk concert sadly though. On the way there I came across these 2 sculptures … Both in a garden, and both surrounded by plants … Almost like they were trying to BE plants … Interesting!
Second lesson … Without a powered site, it will be impossible to stay cool over night … That means no ‘free camping’ in hot weather! Back over the mountains I stopped several times to look at the views.
I have to confess I never tire of the view that includes the Glass House Mountains … So majestic!

One of the best places to see them in all their glory is at the Maleny Botanical Gardens and Bird World … What a place of beautiful gardens and incredibly diverse selection of very friendly, if a little over-attentive birds … Amazing! I also found this Big Chair … Also an unlisted Big Thing, and worthy of inclusion. A must-visit place!

Having endured a hot and clammy night, I came back to Maleny, then ventured off to Montville after a shower. I missed Montville last time I visited Maleny and my friend Louise suggested I visit. I am glad I did as I found an unlisted Big Thing … A Big Harp.

A bit closer to Maleny I came across these 2 Big Kookaburras … Worthy inclusions in the Big Things list!

That’s it for tonight … More when I am back in Brisbane on Friday.

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