Went to go to Bilpin and found it without help of road signs … Thank goodness for GPS

HSpent the day wandering around the Blue Mountains … The weather was overcast, grey, but little rain thankfully. Such a pretty place to wander around, and Lithgow is a very pretty place, especially the old part. Found this Big Miners Lamp in Lithgow.
Then did a bit of a zig zag to find several other big things. I needed to find Bilpin, but no road signs so used the GPS. I kept a watch out for signs to Bilpin, but never saw anything. All signs pointed to Windsor, but forgot to include Bilpin. I found this Big Apple Pie and, like Yatala, I had one delicious pie.
Now why is Bilpin so special, beside no signs to the place, it has 2 Big Things and is a major Apple producing region. It is a long town … It seemed to go on for ages … And then I came across the Big Fruit Bowl.
I then zig zagged back across the mountains, and found this Big Wine Bottle in Hampton. It is only half a bottle, but it goes with the Big Half Barrell in Bundaberg.

Onto Oberon and the Big Trout … A magnificent specimen!

I found this iron horse on the road … Very artistic!

Staying the night at Bathurst … I thought I might be able to have a drive around Mt Panorama, but it was closed 🙁
Tomorrow’s another day …

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