Went for a drive … Found more ‘pink marshmallows’

Am back in Brisbane to help James and Kym move house. Before I returned went for a bit of a drive and found more ‘pink marshmallows’ …. What do you think?

I also went back to Casino to see if I could find the Big Saw … To no avail. I was reliably informed by a local that it still exists, but that it is not on public display as it was an advertising sign for a kitchen business run by the Connolly Bros that is no longer owned by them.
I also failed to find the Big Orange at Tenterfield … It had fallen down … May I suggest it has sunk out of sight! I missed the Big Lamb at Guyra, but I will return another time to take a pic.
There may be a bit of gap in the Big Things blog as I will be busy packing boxes, but I will try and write a few lines to keep you all interested lol.

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