Back in Sydney … Love Sydney!

Pity I can’t afford a house here! Although Port Macquarie is one if the best places, along with Lismore and Mission Beach.

Before I left Port Macquarie I found some more Big Things and some not so big things. Firstly the Big Golfball … How many is too many? Not impressed … There was even another big, but smaller Golfball on the first tee too.
The Big Spindle was much more impressive … In fact I like it a lot.
I went looking for the Big Cat, but I found a Big Jaguar Car Mascot … Very shiny!

The Lake Cathie bowls club has its very own bright blue Big Lawn Bowl.
Further afield I found the Big Eight Ball … On top of a very tall tower.

I found this small ‘world’ spinning happily in the wind.
And this sculpture on the highway out of Port Macquarie … Don’t know what it is, but I liked it.

Before I travel down towards Sydney I found this gem on my phone … The Big Butter Churn in Lismore.
I came across the Little Ayers Rock disguising a restaurant underneath it. I thought it was pretty ugly!

Now to Sydney. Over the next couple of days I am going to attempt to find a few big things … I did do the one thing I wanted to do in Sydney … Visit the Sculptures by the Sea, and took a photo of my favourite sculpture … Gough Whitlam’s hand as it ceremonial passed sand to Vincent Lingiari’s hand.

Just for fun I added up how many Big Things so far … 193!!! Hard to believe eh!

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