Lismore is fab, but internet signal in Rock Valley sucks!

I’ve been a bit slack. I travelled from Brisbane to Lismore, staying one night in Currumbin, and I didn’t post to the blog. Now I have to make amends by posting a really long list of Big Things and others I found.
Currumbin had several examples … A Big Blinky Bill was first. Apparently it is new.
And on the original list was the Big Beehive, although I don’t consider it a very impressive Big Thing.
Across the road was the Currumbin (Blinky Bill) animal park where I found this very crass example. Why do people feel it is ok to make fun of our wonderful wildlife by humanising them? Downright degrading!
But the Big Surfboard was more like it! Although not on any Big Thing list … Wonder why?

I spent a night in Currumbin and the next morning found this weird ‘thing’ … Some kind of ‘spirit’?
I had fun exploring further afield and found this gem … A Big Leaf … At Brunswick Heads … A lovely quiet sleepy place … Nice!

Nearby was this sculpture, but as it was being dismantled it won’t be there now.
Still aimlessly wandering, I found these two ‘things’ on the way to Mullumbimby … Not sure what they represented, but they were a long way in the air. 

Next stop .. The Crystal Castle where there was a huge collection of things, big or otherwise. And this is the ‘crystal castle’.
Next … The Byron World Peace Stupa. The whole place is very spiritual, and full of crystals and gemstones, and spiritual symbols … Worth a visit, but it is a bit expensive to get in.

‘Rosie’ is a huge rose crystal in the centre of a place of contemplation.
And a random crystal among many.

These geodes were very tall.
Ganesh sits majestically at the entrance to the gardens.

Can’t remember what this statue us called.
Ah and the holy Buddha in the centre of the garden of contemplation.

Weirdly a fossilised log just sitting there on the lawn.
And even more weirdly a dragon in the children’s playground … Although when you think about it is a mythical creature too.

Finally a bunch of fossils, very old and very impressive.
I decided to go over the mountains to get to Lismore only to find this ‘junk’ motorbike at Bexhill.
Up the hill … An outside cathedral made from logs and things … Very fine!

In Lismore, a sculpture of the ‘bones’ if a boat in the Main Street … Locals are a bit embarrassed by it.

A Big Chainsaw on the outskirts of Lismore.
Back to what everyone knows … The Big Prawn at Ballina … Very big and impressive.

Down the road is this pathetic example of a somewhat smaller Big Pineapple!
The Macadamia Nut Castle was at Knockrow.

And this Big Knight was there too … Unusual way to represent macadamias …
The knight inside the shop was a much smaller version.

Not sure why I took this … Too many Big Golf Balls around Oz to capture them all!

I promise to be more disciplined about writing up the blog … This submission took 3 hours to write!!! Am off to Sydney, via Coffs Harbour tomorrow … And hoping to see a few ‘big’ things on the way xx M

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