Gee the Gold Coast has a lot going on!

I have discovered that ‘Gold Coast’ describes an area, not an actual ‘place’! It is made up of several places, such as Southport, Mermaid Beach, Surfers Paradise, and Broadbeach just to name a few!

It is also very busy, and crowded, although choosing a long weekend in the school holidays to visit wasn’t such a sensible idea.

Kath and I went to Runaway Bay for lunch first, and looked in Real Estate windows … Nice properties, but a bit out of my price range! It had nice feel about it though … A bit like Scarborough/Redcliffe. And my son James thought that anything close enough for me to ‘drop in’ for coffee was too close for comfort lol.

Kath then kindly drove me to Surfers Paradise along the waterfront as I hadn’t been there before … Absolutely too many people. We went in search of the Big Guitar, which we found, but we had to walk a bit of a distance as parking was at a premium.

Whilst driving around looking for a park, we found this gem … Advertising sign outside the Waxworks … The Big Scary Face!

And the Big Scary Face, with Mouth and Teeth lol! Think it was a place about dragons?


Having walked a million miles (an exaggeration) back to the car we found ourselves in a massive traffic jam. There was another Big Thing, but decided to leave it for another day … Kath was very patient! In our perambulations around Surfers Paradise and this ‘not so big’ dinosaur was inside a shopping complex. It moved a bit, but none of the kids I saw thought it was that interesting … Advertising ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ show ‘coming soon’.



On our way back to Helensvale Kath kindly did a blockie’ so I could photo this weird Big Thing … Not sure what to call it? It probably has a name?

Today I ventured out by myself to Yatala to the Pie Shop to photograph the Big Pie. I took some photos, but I couldn’t get a decent pic, so ‘borrowed’ this one from a website… PS take your own cutlery when visiting … Plastic bendy knives are not very efficient or practical!

This website/map is my primary source for assistance with finding all of the Big Things … Just incase you are

I also visited Redland Bay … Pretty spot … It is where you catch the ferry to the Stradbroke Islands … An adventure for another day. Before I sign off, I thought I should mention the absolutely huge gorilla I saw, but couldn’t find a way to backtrack so I could photograph it … Maybe next time!

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