Replacement awning not available … yet … damn!

Having spent 10 days wandering around the Qld hinterland waiting for delivery of the new awning, I discovered today that it isn’t even ordered yet … damn insurance stuff up!!! At least I have managed to make an appointment for van servicing next Monday. My plan is to find out tomorrow when the awning will be here and go south to the Gold Coast and spend some time down there ‘checking’ everything out. Poor James and Kym are very tolerant of my lobbing up on their doorstop, although my son did say today that he hadn’t missed the mess I make when I cook lol.

To finish off the Big Things from north of Brisbane I have photographed a few interesting samples. This sculpture was in Kin Kin, a lovely sleepy town in the hinterlands with a very picturesque ‘free’ campsite.
Of course, no-one could go past the Big Cow at Yandina (actually nearer Woombye, but who is quibbling). Almost  missed it as it was behind a large copse of trees.
Before the Big Pineapple at Nambour, I did try to find the Big Macadamia, but it is in disrepair and not visible from the road anymore. The Big Pineapple is a little ‘tired’, but still a big tourist attraction judging by the number of people who were climbing up inside it to see the view. Golden Circle has some interesting information inside it too about canning processes etc.
I missed the Ettamoggah Pub on the way north so I was determined to photograph it on my way back to Brisbane. I did take a pic from the other side of the split highway then worked out how to get to it, which I did. I just forgot to take a better photo up close … silly me!

Further down the highway at Elimbah was a strawberry farm where one could pick strawberries … the only issue was that the cost of picking compared to just buying a punnet was not enough for me to get down and dirty with the plants … so I bought a punnet or two, and photographed the Big Strawberry at the same time.

I seem to be doing a bit doubling back when I pass something interesting … like these pelicans at a new housing development at Redcliffe. They seemed a bit out of left field in an empty paddock waiting for people to build dwellings, but probably should qualify as Big Things.
At Scarborough some idiot has carved a topiary Big Shark outside their house … looks better from a distance. I did have a fun conversation with a couple of lovely ladies while looking for this ‘sculpture’.

Just to add evidence to the fact that I am putting my life on the line for my blog … I was ‘spoken to’ by the police as apparently it is dangerous to cross a 3 lane highway to the median strip to take a photo of a Big Yellow Elephant at Apsley … it was quite safe actually or it was until the police decided to stop to chat to me and hold up said traffic.

Tomorrow I intend to try and finish the collection of Big Things around Brisbane although the traffic is so bad sometimes it is a difficult task to get a decent pic, but will do my best.

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