One eye does short sight, one eye does long sight … discovered the flaw!

Last year I had surgery on my eyes to correct my cataracts. It was suggested at the time that I have one eye adjusted for short sight, and the other eye adjusted for long sight. This plan sounded fab as I no longer needed to wear glasses … pretty amazing. At least it was until the previous 3 days … if you have conjunctivitis in the eye for long sight, you can’t see well enough to drive a car, or van in my case! This happened to me this week so haven’t been out and about to collect Big Things. The other issue in Brisbane, most of the Big Things I have found, including a few new ones, are on major arterial roads and parking long enough to take photos is proving to be a challenge!

Nevertheless I have taken a few … including the Big Boot at Chermside, although I had to take the pic across a wide highway … hence its fuzziness.

I have taken photos of 2 blowup ‘things’ … not sure they qualify as Big Things, but big they are.

And Father Xmas in September?

I am now better and about to go up to the Sunshine Coast to have a wander around there … will try and get more photos. I still have about 10 more Big Things in and around Brisbane to capture … 

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