Maleny had one more Big Thing to offer up

Maleny … what a fab place … I could live there! Although it is probably a toned-down Nimbin … long ponytails (on men), smoking pipes and drinking coffee in the sunshine … oh not actually sunshine … it was raining a bit, but you get the picture. Pity it isn’t closer to the ocean.

Now onto that other Big Thing … the Big Milk Canister.

Finally and reluctantly I started to leave Maleny for not-so-greener pastures. On the way out of town I found a selection of sculptures in a competition ‘Sculptures on the Edge’. I only took 1 pic … not sure what it is, but it looked like a submarine that crashed into a surfboard. I couldn’t take more as it was on private land and I wasn’t sure what were the implications on IP. This one was quite big, but not permanent so doesn’t qualify as a Big Thing.

Final street art I captured from Maleny … these cows … very interesting! There was lots more, but I needed to drive to Kenilworth before it got dark.

I have forgotten to mention … I have driven 22,000 kms so far!!!!

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