Arrived in Brisbane … forgot to blog for a few days!

My apologies to all watchers … I arrived in Brisbane at my son James’ and Kym’s place, and settled into fixing van, cleaning and cooking for them … I forgot to blog. Am fixing that now as there are a few Big Things in and around Brisbane, so before I write them up, I am going to finish off the things I collected on the way to Brisbane.

Firstly was the ‘Jolly Swagman’ at the Jolly Swagman Caravan Park … not a big thing, but quite interesting.

Just down the road was the Big Sausage … not an attractive ‘thing’, but on the Big Things list.

Having finally left Toowoomba, I had several Big Things to photograph on the way to Brisbane. The Big Orange in the Lockyer Valley … big and ‘bumpy’.
A bit of a diversion took me to Atkinson’s Lake, at Glengarry, was this very fine Big Blue Boot at the Education Centre of the Boys Brigade!

I used my GPS to get me back to the highway, which was fortuitous as I would have missed this beauty … the Big T-Bone Steak … not on any list, but definitely a Big Thing located at Lockrose.
Then there was this particularly unattractive thing on the Brightview Tavern … not sure it qualifies!

Back on the highway, at Hatton Vale, a fine specimen … the Big Red Elephant.

Finally there was another Big Bundy Bottle at Haigslea … a long way from Bundaberg though!

Once again, my apologies for my tardiness … I am waiting to get my awning fixed … it won’t fully open, but it also won’t fully close … thank goodness for gaffa tape! After that I will go to the Sunshine Coast to get more Big Things, so I may be a bit quiet for a few days.

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