Thunder and lightening … hope I don’t get washed away!

Sitting in Kybong at a free campsite in a huge thunderstorm … raining ‘cats and dogs’, with the real possibility that the nearby lake will overflow! Firstly though a big teacup and saucer at Tin Can Bay … a pretty place opposite Fraser Island.

Ages ago I also found a ‘big’ teapot, but I have forgotten where I saw it, so I didn’t include it in an earlier blog entry. I had just pulled into a little town for lunch, and there it was!

I also stayed a night at Rainbow Beach, directly opposite the bottom end of Fraser Island. Except that it was windy, things kept falling onto my van from surrounding trees, and I got bogged (first time!) it was a very pretty beach. Had a long walk along the sand, and generally thoroughly enjoyed myself. Because it is a National Park, it was also very cheap!

I found another ‘big thing’ … a propeller from a ship wrecked off the coast. It is normal size, but still looked ‘big’ to me so am including it. 

Drove to Gympie today to look for the 2 Big Things registered there. I found ‘Matilda the Kangaroo’ at Kybong, mascot to the Brisbane Commonwealth Games.

Didn’t find the second one, but will go back tomorrow on my way to Roma. I did find this ‘big’ gem though. If there can be half a barrel called a Big Thing, then this must qualify as a ‘big’ soccer ball even though it is only half a ball.
The thunderstorm has passed and all is quiet. It is very wet outside … time to bunker down and sleep.

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