Thank goodness for my feather duster!

I made it to Birdsville … finally … and never again! It was 288 kms of mostly gravel road, mostly in good condition, but oh the dust!!! Travelled on the Diamantina Dev. Road … the longest road in Australia. I took this photo when I finally stopped, having reached Birdsville. Look at the dust! That is a black work surface and black glass cover … it has taken me a whole day to clean the van, and I haven’t even started on the outside!

What was interesting … there was no road kill on the way to Birdsville from Windorah … too dry? No water for the kangaroos? There was certainly a lot from Charleville to Windorah … always a sad sight.
I stayed at Quilpie before venturing west. It has a long Main Street with lots of street art made from steel cutouts … always a favourite of mine.

The road to Birdsville is long and boring, and very treacherous gravel in places, but I did come across something of interest … Sculptures of the Dreamtime … made from rocks collected in the local region.

The next question is how to get out of here. Do I go back the way I came, dust in van a definite negative? Do I go north almost to Mt Isa to get back … a lot less unmade, gravel road, but a long way out of my proposed direction (heading vaguely towards Brisbane)? Or south, but road said to be only passable by 4WD vehicles? Other possibilities? Have a few days to decide … will take advice from local Information Centre.

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