Subjective signs are bunkum, just like Tony Abbott

I have come across many signs that are so subjective that it makes me angry. For example, there was a sign to the ‘Bunyip Hole’ “10 mins drive from here”! I drove for 10 mins, but of course I didn’t know what speed I needed to go for it to be the appropriate ’10 mins’! There was no other sign so I never found the bunyip hole. Another one was ‘Gayndah the oldest town in Queensland’. Does that mean it has a mean average of ages to make it the ‘oldest’? Of course it doesn’t , but how can it be the ‘oldest town’ when it is in the middle of nowhere … surely there was an established settlement on the coast first?
My reference to Tone was because I looked up the definition of ‘bunkum’ and this is what I found:
1. insincere speechmaking by a politician intended merely to please local constituents.
2. insincere talk; claptrap; humbug.
All of the above applies to Phony Tony … just an aside to the main topic lol!

On with Big Things … went back through Gympie and found the Big Reel. Gympie also has the Australian Institute of Country Music … interesting!

As I passed through Kilkivan, Home of the Great Horse Ride, I saw this magnificent bronze horse statue of Smokey the horse and some famous local dude … I am a bit partial to a bronze horse statue!

Onto Gayndah … and the Gay Dan Orange Festival Man … not sure they had thought through its name and implications!

The Big Orange is next to Gay Dan, and is an information hub for the area.

The area is obviously a ‘citrus’ centre as the next town Munduberra down the road has a Big Mandarin at a dive of a caravan park.

And then there is the Big Bunyip at Mulgilpie. The bunyip is a mythical creature, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t look like an ugly dinosaur.

Matilda seems to be big in Mulgilpie as the school has a “big’ Matilda … not as big as the Commonwealth Games mascot, but rather cute even if it a bit rough around the edges. The pub’s name is Matilda too.

If you ever get a chance to visit the area, the Carin Dam is well worth a visit. On the way to the dam, you will pass through a town called Moonford. I was innocently driving along, when I passed its community hall. Amazingly there was a medieval knight standing on the verandah … not sure what it was doing there, but it was definitely out of place!

Tomorrow I am off to Roma to find the Big Rig …

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