I should have ‘sucked it up’ and saved myself 3 days and 1300 kms!

I tried to save the van from a shaky ride, but I have added several days and many kms. I did revisit the Waltzing Matilda Centre. It burned down just after I had been there previous time I drove through Winton. And no it wasn’t anything to do with my visit lol.

I took a photo of the Banjo Paterson sculpture as it was the only thing still standing … the burnt building looked very sad.
Nothing else to report … off to Stonehenge tomorrow.
Useless Fact: There are many henges in Britain (though none elsewhere …  sorry Australia!) – but Stonehenge isn’t one of them. Archaeologists define a ‘henge’ as having a ditch on the inside and a bank on the outside; Stonehenge is the other way round.  

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