Been there, done that, never again …

Never again will I drive to Birdsville … crap road in, crap road out! Last 2 days have been marked by what can only be described as a sandstorm … all my efforts of cleaning down the drain. The van needs a complete clean again! I did find this gem on my way out of town … another art piece made with corrugated iron … I liked it.

388 kms of partial unsealed and sealed road, and back where I was 4 months ago! Oh well … I did do a good deed … I delivered some bread and pies to the pub in Bedourie from the Birdsville Bakery. I had tried a taste of their famous (or should that be infamous?) camel pies … not sure I wanted a whole pie … a acquired taste me thinks.
I found another art piece as part of the Sculptures of the Dreamtime called Dust Storm. Bedourie means dust storm in local aboriginal language. I missed the one in Birdsville because of the dust storm I encountered … it was too nasty to go hiking to look for it, but it is apparently a paved area depicting Sand. The Dust Storm sculpture is very pretty.

I drove through almost completely flat land with an occasional clump of trees. I did drive through a small  copse of ghost gums … and pondered the 3 species of gum trees that stand out for me in the outback … ghost gum, painted gum and paperbark gum. … wish I could paint!

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