Me and 150 others fellow travellers sharing a free campsite tonight!

But before I go on with that story, let me tell you about my 3 fab days at Yeppoon. Amazing places, including Kinka Beach and Emu Bay, although there were lots of tourists at Emu Bay … made it a bit crowded, but on the way there was a fab sign … TIRED? Take a break; DOPEY? Keep smiling … hadn’t realised that Roads and Transport has a sense of humour!

The Causeway Lake Caravan Park was a very friendly place on a large lake, but within a short walk to a ‘beach’. Why the inverted commas? This beach has the same high tide/low tide conundrum that Conway Beach had … lots of sand with a long walk to the water at low tide. At least I didn’t have to walk out hundreds of metres to get a signal on my phone!

I found the Big Whale at Kinka Beach, but it was very sad … unloved and unused …
I also found the ‘Singing Ship’ at Emu Bay … it is very big! It wasn’t windy enough for it to ‘sing’ … a pity!

Ended up at a free campsite with 150 campers and caravans. It is tucked down out of sight and I found it by accident … I must download the Wikicamps app!!! There was a free concert by some campers, and everyone came from all over to listen … it was magic.

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